Hair Stories

My boyfriend is a hairdresser, actually a really good one. In fact that is how we originally met, he was my hairdresser for about 3 years before we got together… altogether interesting story but…

Anyway he works for one of Montreals leading hair salons, Local B (1221 Bernard Street Outremont). Lovely salon headed up by owner Veronique Beaupre. She is an incredible visionary and creative and I have an enormous amount of respect for her as a business woman and a leader in her field.

Local B will be celebrating 10 years very soon and Veronique asked me to come in and shoot some documentary images of the day to day events to capture the atmosphere of the salon so here are my images of the staff in action. There is an incredible amount of talent working at Local B, they strive to stay ahead of trends and be the leaders providing the best in hair care. I would highly recommend them.

And if you would be interested to know who is cutting my hair, its the cute dude with the glasses, little bit shy, hugely passionate about cutting hair… Nicola Torriero, you will not be disappointed. <3