Happy Easter to those celebrating

Easter, one of the most important dates on the Christian calendar. How many people still celebrate? I have catholic mother and a muslim father. I feel lucky to come from such a diverse and controversial mix, there was no religion in my family really. Well as I was born and brought up in European countries we celebrated Christmas but that for us as kids was largely for the food and the gifts, however my mum has told me some great stories of when she was a girl in Holland and going to the church on significant holy days.

I respect anyone's choice of faith, I have had a Jewish boyfriend and his family welcomed me and treated me as a member of their family for 11 years. I believe any national holiday is a time to reflect on the special people in your life regardless of their faith. 

And for those who are not celebrating in the religious form, its a time to gorge yourself on delicious foods, just because.

Happy easter, pass me the chocolate eggs and hot cross buns please...