Before the holidays I had the pleasure of photographing some beautiful graphic design pieces for a designer that I met here in Montreal. Scott Roberts of Studio Helm is originally from Sydney, Australia but he worked in London for several years before relocating to Montreal in 2013.

Simple clean lines, muted tones and delicate light. I shot these images with both studio and natural light. I am not sure if there are other photographers out there shooting products in natural light but I feel that it does work. Why not shoot a creative project by a client in an equally creative way. I believe gone are the days of presenting an item in a flat uninspiring way, its time to add depth and emotion to product photography. Make the images of whatever you shoot jump out and make the viewer understand the quality of what they are looking at.

As a photographer I consider myself a creative. I feel its important when discussing with a potential client not just the images that they require but also what they want their audience to perceive of their product, because after all we are a digital nation, more often than not, the first impressions we give our potential clients is our online presence. So its vitally important that those potential connections will view what we do and what we offer in the best possible way.