24/7 Creative

For me having the luxury of a moment to myself is to be creative, yes I am creative as a profession and I consider myself to be very lucky to express myself creatively in a spectrum of fields through my years of experience, however I started to work as a professional in a creative field because I love being a creative overall. 

It is incredibly rare for me not to be doing something on a creative level most days, ok so tax season is probably an exception but most of the time...

So my quite and relaxing moments are... photographing things, be it my moggies or flowers, my props and irrespective of what it is I try to do something with what I have.

If you follow my instagram, lately its mostly been flowers, I often buy flowers and photograph them to send to the people I care about back in the UK. I can't really send the flowers so this way I am able to capture them and give them an element of eternity, immortalising nature in some way. I think its also a way for me to continue to compose, composition is so incredibly important, not only in photography but graphics and interior design, the three fields that encompass my life as a creative.