Fall in love with Autumn

So actually I shot these images at the beginning of September, it was a pretty hectic summer for me and I didn't really get to go out and make the most of our warmer months of the year because of work obligations. Just want to add, I am incredibly lucky to love my work so I say this more in the realm of not having had the time to just hang out, me and my Nikon and just chill with shots but that it was a summer filled with great projects.

Anyway I decided to escape Montreal for a bit as I had an opportunity to skip over to the land of Wine, Olive Oil, Pizza and Pasta, oh yes ITALIA you won my heart fair and square. But meanwhile back in Montreal while I was enjoying my Aperol Spritz and much good food, it was a heatwave back home so technically Summer got a second shot while I was out of town. 

I am not the most keen on flying so I did actually sneak out on the morning I was jetting off and took a few snaps to get me into the autumn mood, but its only now in recent days as the nights are drawing in and its got a little cooler that I suddenly remembered that I shot them. So I figured why not post them now. A little urban nature with the earthy tones that really are the beauty of that makes me fall in love with Autumn.