I love markets, being a London girl I used to hang about with my camera in many of my home towns exciting bustling markets so basically nothing changed when I moved to Canada, wherever I am I always try to seek out the hustle and bustle of a vibrant market.

Since setting up my studio in Montreal I have had locations close to three popular markets, for the first 10 years I was a hop, skip and a jump away from the Atwater Market, located on the Lachine Canal in the south west of the city, still one of my fave spots and many years of happy memories running on the canal in the mornings.

But in 2015 I relocated to a super new location which is about a 7 min drive from Montreals Jean Talon Market which is nicely situated in the Little Italy area. Today in amongst my heavy workload I sneaked down there for a little meander amongst the fruit and veggies as an Italian lady I know dutifully inspected the tomatoes she bought ready for the sauce making season.

Theses are a few of my colourful snaps, nothing spectacular but inspiring, for me, nonetheless.