Going into the crowd

In 2016 I had a super inspiring discussion with the owner of Berendo, a small boutique coffee company that is full of passion and ambition. Berendo has been established for 9 years with their online boutique of fresh roasted coffee beans but a few years ago the business owners decided to embark on an adventure to create the 'Mercedez Benz' of coffee on tap.

But its didn't end there, they then also decided to develop the only draught tea on tap too and lucky old me has been able to sample these delicious developments since January of this year. 

So in January 2017 we had our first meeting to discuss photography. How much do I like these guys? Enough to make my way to their offices in a snowstorm, with a broken foot in a special boot to photograph their OTC unit.

Berendo are a super team, really splendid to work with, and last night they were out and so was I as they showcased their unique and delicious draught coffee and tea to the food loving crowd  alongside CREMY's food truck at Montreal's biggest food Truck event at the Olympic Stadium, I don't even need to add this but of course the drinks were an astounding success, everyone who tried enjoyed...