Its Gin O'Clock somewhere

Since January I have been collaborating with Nigel Allies of Nigel is a long time friend and ex-colleague of mine during my packaging design days in London. We go way back, 20 years or more in fact.

Well us Brits do appreciate a good G&T (gin and tonic) and Nigel decided to blog about it and asked me to come on board to contribute cocktail recipes and images. One couldn't refuse such a tempting offer. And we are off to a great start, the buzz is out there, he is receiving a lot of credibility and the following is gaining momentum at quite the speed.

Being that I love photographing food and still life, its not even an effort to have to conceptualise and make images and whats more to work with a friend once again is the greatest gift. So check out his blog and twitter pages to be in the know for Gin and mixers... there are so many in the UK and hopefully they will make it over the pond at some point too. But in the meantime we are soon hoping to be able to review and photograph some great examples of gin from Canada and America. Chin chin....  |