For many years in London I shot for a lot of clubs and music events. I am a big music person, I still have all my vinyl and now listen and download a lot of music. I will choose music over tv every time. Music is a vital component during my retouching evenings. As all creatives, occasionally its hard to get going when its late and there are many images to be retouched but I turn on my music and BOOM I am ready to work all night long.

I have always been a big electronic music listener so when Nicola Torriero asked me to shoot images for his website to launch his radio show it was a great opportunity to do something different. From doing the photography, led me into getting involved in the show as head of creative. Its a great sideline to my work. Rhythm.isRhythm is the best underground electronic music show on an FM station in Montreal but the show can be heard globally through the shows website and all the sets from the show are archived on Soundcloud. Here are some images of Nicola Torriero, long standing Montreal DJ who was the mastermind that brought the BAL en BLANC to Montreal, amazing DJ and now radio host to a show that hosts the best DJ's from this city alongside some of the best established and emerging international talents.

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If you want to follow my playlists and see what I am listening to while I shoot and retouch here is a link to my SOUNDCLOUD.