sweet like honey

Honey on toast, or in your tea, but have you ever been that close up and personal with where this delicious sweetness comes from? This weekend I had a great opportunity to photograph the first opening after winter, of the bee hives at Santropol Roulant in Montreal.

Its the very first time I was ever that close to what must have been literally thousands of bees and the sound was incredible. Have you ever seen the 70's horror movie, 'Killer Bees'? Well that is what they actually do sound like that but without it being scary (and without cheesy music to boot). The bees were flying all over the place however it seemed completely non-intimidating. I didn't wear a special suit , I was not covered in them and I didn't get stung, the bees just politely got on with hanging around the hives.

It was also incredible to see the experienced bee keepers making notes of the changes within the hive over the winter.

On my part I actually thought it would be difficult to capture any images but it was remarkably easy and I am super pleased to be able to have a new collection of images of what are some very important insects on this planet.

I am off to make toast with honey for breakfast...