the tidy and the messy

So, I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but as I fall deeper and deeper in love with food photography, I am not actually a 'foodie'. In my life I have rarely cooked for myself (of course I do these days as I need shots, unless I find a willing 'foodie' to take part) but honestly as food photography is a relatively new string to my photographic bow its an unusual life change for me to get busy in the kitchen so to speak.

However, I am a very tidy person at home, there is, during the prep of a shoot, whether its is portraits or food a bit of chaos in my house, but I must tidy as soon as the shoot is over. I cannot go to my post production process if the house is in a mess.

But when I shoot homemade recipes for my FB page or my portfolio I do like there to be an element of mess. I don't feel comfortable with overly tidy perfect food... should I see a therapist?

Probably because I am not an A1 chef in the kitchen, although I can bake, I don't want to add the stress of trying to aim for perfection in my food creations and I therefore want to translate that in my images too.

So, very tidy house... rather messy cooking images but hopefully both very appealing in their own way.