I was born in London, England but also grew up Eindhoven, Holland where my mother originates from. I discovered photography at school at 16 and always loved all things design so I returned to England to study graphic design and photography in London and that is where my creative career began.

I worked for some of London's best design agencies and specialised in artwork production and retouching for packaging which was largely drawn on my love of graphic design. I also photographed extensively for the music industry and club scene which resulted in a London exhibition of my work.


I believe my insights to marketing and consultancy derive from the years of working within some amazing teams for agencies such as Landor, Design Bridge London, Design Bridge Amsterdam, Futurebrand, Coley Porter Bell, Nucleus Design, Lewis Moberly, DJPA Partnership, Identica UK, Fitch UK to name but a few. I now live in the vibrant city of Montreal, Canada where I own my own industrial space. I still venture into design because I love typography.

My love of underground electronic music has brought me to be a part of a web radio and event collective called Rhythm is Rhythm, founded by Nicola Torriero for whom I design and photograph for Many of Montreals clubs and underground electronic music events.

But most of all my all encompassing creative drive is my photography. Since 2014 I discovered the love of photographing food and still life, creative portraiture remains part of my work and many lovely corporate projects. For me, its incredibly important to love what I do everyday, its not work its creating something and understanding the vision and the target market of my clients.


If you are interested in working with me, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact page on this site.

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